Xray Film contains Silver

Don't just destroy your old outdated xray film - recycle it.

We will recycle and provide you with a certificate of destruction when we process your old film for silver. Give us a call and lets talk about scraping your medical xray film and industrial xray film.

Industrial Xray Recycling

All across the USA chemical plants, ship builders, commercial builders, and many other trades use xray to look for stress fractures, weak welds, and many other purposes. The xray film created in the process can add up over time and can really begin to take up space.

Give us a call and we will get you the best pricing on recycling your xray film. This film has high contents of silver and can be to your advantage to recycle rather than to destroy. So, let us turn your surplus of old industrial film in to real monetary value that goes straight to your bottom line.

Medical Xray Recycling

We are fully HIPPA Compliant and would like to be your source for recycling your medical, dental, and clinical xrays. RecycleNationWide.com provides x-ray film and photographic recycling services to hospitals, clinics, dentists, and film archives across the country.

To get started call us now @ (214) 762-1877 or fill the form out on this page and we will call you as soon as it's possible.